Conference Venue

The 2014 edition of the European Epistemology Network Meeting will take place in:

Centro Cultural La Corrala – UAM
Carlos Arniches 3-5
28005 Madrid
<M> La Latina (L5)

How to get from La Latina metro station to the conference venue:

The area
La Corrala is located at the heart of Madrid, between the vibrant La Latina neighborhood (at the west side of Toledo street) and the old Jewish quarter, Lavapiés, the multicultural neighborhood of Madrid (at the east side of Toledo street). Landmarks such as Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol or the Royal Palace are 10-15 minutes walk from La Corrala.

About the venue
La Corrala is a mid-19th century building restored by the City Council of Madrid and handed over to the Autonomous University of Madrid to serve as a multipurpose facility. ‘Corralas’ were first built in the 16th century (when King Philip II made Madrid the capital of the empire) with the aim of accommodating the working classes. The typical structure of these buildings consists of a common courtyard surrounded by several floors of open galleries that give access to a series of small adjoining apartments. In the 19th century, when thousands of people came from the countryside to work in the city, the construction of corralas became widespread. They were usually overcrowded.


La Corrala hosts the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions. The Museum exhibits a collection of Spanish folk art, which is arranged thematically:

– The human life cycle and popular religion
– Annual festive cycle, musical instruments and adults’ games
– Domestic tasks
– Techniques for obtaining and producing food
– Crafts and rural transport

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